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music publishing

In 2012, a record label was created called DNRS Recordings but in 2019 the label was redesign into a music publishing company.

book publishing

In 2018, DNRS Records Entertainment was created a book publishing company.


In 2019, DNRS Records Entertainment is creating MyTube a YouTube replacement

What is Paid Right?

What is Paid Right?

What is The difference between PayPal and pay right? The cons I have PayPal PayPal is the third largest Company in the world They scam people out of their money They have high transaction fees Sometimes it’s complicated to get the button to work on your website It’s...

We are re-design our recording label

We are re-design our recording label

in 2012 DNRS Records Entertainment, LLC. Created the music division called DNRS Recordings to make music fair for every recording artist but in 2019 we are rebranding that division and adding a few more  divisions within that division to make the music experience...

we are really excited to announce starting in 2021

we are really excited to announce starting in 2021

We are creating three new services the first service is for recording artists I am going to combined music distribution with Recording label services you can keep up to 100% of everything and pay $5.00/mo to gain access to the service. Which we think Will be huge...

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